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Le Gardien

Protect your construction site with "Le Gardien", or any other site requiring a temporary or easy to relocate alarm system.

"Le Gardien" is the security solution to protect your construction site against thief and vandal. An innovation, reliable and affordable, this new kind of security system is installed in a storage box and helps to secure the construction site with motion detectors, sounding and visible alarm, and also a connection to a monitoring station.

This system is so flexible that it can adapt to several needs as well as the evolution of your site.

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Model Description
Guard01 Guard01 basic kit, includes :
the security system with a cellular communicator, 1 mobile door contact, 4 mobile motion detectors, 1 mobile siren with stroboscope, 1 fix door contact installed on the storage box, 2 unidirectional remote

Le Contremaître:
a time keeper, to help you validate the hours worked by your employees.

Wkeyp LCD display wireless keypad
Spow Solar panel power source
Mvmt Motion detector
Cntt Door contact
Srne Siren
Rmtu Unidirectional remote
Rmtb Bi-directional remote
FrCn Monitoring station and cellular line
Cof48 Storage box 48 inches (different model available)
Cof60 Storage box 60 inches (different model available)

It is possible to have a personalize programmation for special needs.

Other size of storage box also available.

Ask a representant in order to have more detail.

Please take note that delivering fee are applicable and might change according to the travelling distance.


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